From start to finish, I got financing and closed on my house in less than 30 days total. I contacted LaTisha to help me get financing because I wanted to start the home buying process. Helpful to have all your personal ducks in a row (if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready!) — LaTisha works *fast*. She asked me to supply my required documentation (bank statements, tax returns, ID, pay stubs) and it needed to be submitted quickly so that she could work her process, which is focused, prompt, professional, efficient and effective. I got a call on a Tuesday about a house I was interested in. I checked it out on Friday, told LaTisha I wanted to put an offer on it, and she called me back same day with my initial prequalification amount. I put an offer in over the weekend, and it was accepted the following Tuesday. Over the next 3 weeks, LaTisha worked diligently with me, my agent and her processor to get all ducks in a row for me to go to closing on the 1st of the month. This was in February for March 1 close — already a short month and we didn’t get financing/mortgage processing started until Feb 7. LaTisha and her mortgage team got me a CTC (clear to close) in less than 10 days — a record! I know my situation is not the norm, but it is an actual experience and it is possible to achieve. I would recommend LaTisha to anyone. She understands that this is one of the biggest decisions people make as adults; she takes time to explain the process, answer questions, and is available every step of the way from start to finish. Best part: LaTisha’s type of customer service and care is nationwide! She’s not limited to her locale; she processed all of my paperwork remotely, online and via phone/text. LaTisha is who you should trust to partner with in this very important homebuying journey!